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Hey, hi, hello!

I've had a few readers ask where some of the things in our kitchen are from, and I'm sharing those details and more today.

Before we get started, you have to know that I'm a deals-on-deals girl. I don't coupon, I don't shop ten different stores, but I do research and always shop sales. Amazon is my best friend-- hello, Amazon Prime! And my next go-to's are Target, Home Goods and TJ Maxx.

My all-time favorite place to shop in the entire whole wide world is Anthropologie. It's my happy place. And, they have fantastic sales year-round so that's how I'm able to make certain things happen and my candle and clothes dreams come true.



Anyway, let's head back in to the kitchen for a look around, and I'll start spilling the (coffee) beans!

The 5 Tier Mug Rack is one of my favorite items in the house. I love coffee, just absolutely adore it. It might even run through my veins -- thanks, mom and dad! In addition to our ridiculous supply of throw pillows and dinnerware, coffee mugs are another situation. I love that I've been able to free up cabinet space and also display some of our faves. This was purchased from Amazon, and it was under $50, considerably less than others I found when on the hunt. There's also a 6 row version, but I was looking for a slightly smaller rack to fit that specific space by the cabinets. Mission accomplished! It's a fam and fan fave!

P.S. Most of the mugs and teacups are from Anthro. They have the most beautiful collection -- seriously, go and see it.

The large crayon jar is from Crate and Barrel. I don't think they still carry it, but Overstock and Amazon both have a few similar options if you're looking for an almost identical match. Once upon a time, we used this glass jar for hot cocoa mix in the winter. But, our kiddos are always asking to color, so it's the perfect way for us to keep the crayons accessible and contained.

The larger picture frames leaning against the backsplash are from Target -- both from a few years ago, unfortunately. Not sure they are still carrying those exact styles, but they've got some great ones right now that tempt me every visit.

The smaller frames are from HomeGoods, and the pictures inside are Rifle Paper Co. prints from calendars I ordered from Amazon. Love Rifle Paper Co! For a quick punch of color, I'll often run down to our local Paper Source store and grab a new piece of Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper to frame. The large print is usually only $5-$6, and if you've already got frames, it can be the most inexpensive way to bring new color and life to a space. 

The white ceramic horse head. She's popular, and she's at HomeGoods, people. I see her twin every now and then, even though we've had her for years. It's always worth the stroll down that aisle, and I'm pretty sure she was less than $15. #winning

My beloved blue cast iron pot is Cuisinart brand. You can find this exact color on Amazon, though HomeGoods and TJ Maxx often carry this size. I customized the knob on top with a beauty from Anthropolgie to add a little extra fun.  Music man helped me with this, and so far, it's held up well. I should note that I only use this pot on the stove-top -- I don't put it in the oven, which is why we felt comfortable with this replacement.

Our bar stools are (surprise!) also from Amazon! Amazon Prime rocks my socks. It is nearly impossible to take three kids under seven to the store, much less have the ability to fit something like bar stools in your cart with them. I found these babies, watched for the price to be just right, clicked purchase and never looked back. Boom, at my door two glorious days later.

The artificial plants you see around the space are from IKEA and HomeGoods. I switch those in and out depending on the season -- so, you know, like most things in the house, there's more where that came from. Ha! Also, I'm better at real outdoor plants. 

My favorite kitchen cleaning products are Mrs. Meyers brand. We do the hand soap, kitchen counter spray, and dish soap. I rotate scents but lean toward lavender, lemon verbena and basil for the kitchen. Sometimes I order the kitchen sets via Amazon Prime; other times I order separate items in a Prime Pantry delivery. This is just what works for me.

The final item I'll mention is my sweet red KitchenAid mixer. It's no secret where to find a KitchenAid mixer, and no one has really asked about it, but I'm still gonna share! This was a wedding shower gift from my adorable grandparents, and we've had it for over a dozen years. I love it a lot. It's special. She's a fun punch of color year-round. I'm proud to say she's an Amazon Choice and worth every penny.

And, I think that does it! Anyone else have some kitchen decor favorites or hacks they'd like to share? Feel free to comment and share with us all! 

xo, all the love.

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