Twinkle Lights & Front Porch Frights

halloween lights 2.JPG

Twinkle lights are so magical. I added a strand to the mantel arrangement a few days ago with that extra little layer of orange and black circle garland, and now it's a whimsical Halloween dream. The kids are loving it. It's so fun to be a part of the joy they find in such simple things. It's a gift, truly. So, we're keeping things low so those twinkle lights can glow!

halloween lights 3.JPG
halloween lights 1.JPG
halloween lights 4.JPG

On another note, the neighborhood squirrels have zeroed in on our front porch! They have claimed our pumpkins as their own and carried many away. One very bold squirrel stared us down while enjoying the final pieces of a pumpkin on the back patio. The nerve! And the pumpkins they can't lift, well, they've been taste-tested. Little bites out of almost every single one. What in the world?! I have so many things I'd like to say to those stinkers, but I'll keep it PG here. Sadly, we've removed all pumpkins from the porch and to safety, and they'll remain in hiding until Halloween.

Until then, you can find me inside with the twinkle lights. :)

xo, all the love.


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